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阿拉蕾大冒险 officially launches on 6/26! The Penguin Village secrets will be revealed!
Release time: 2018-07-11

Do you remember Dr. Slump by Akira Toriyama? That’s right, IT’S BACK! Authorised by Toei Animation, 阿拉蕾大冒险 is here! Ho-yo-yo! Our naïve android girl will take you on a Penguin Village tour.


Welcome to the peaceful and happy Penguin Village. 阿拉蕾大冒险 relives the classic anime also adding an exciting and unique play style! Let’s take a sneak peek of what we have prepared for this nostalgic hit!



A classic return! Vintage side-scrolling video game.

阿拉蕾大冒险 is a competitive mobile video game filled with your favorite stories in Dr. Slump that will transport you to the past. Characters are dubbed by voice actors that you will surely recognize, aiming to reproduce all the characters in Penguin Village.



An amazing development team! Lots of creative weapons and fancy animations.

Players can choose to Arale, Dr. Slump, Gatchan... and many more characters! Use all kinds of weapons straight from the anime: cans, baseballs, manga books, etc!



Competitive PvP! Create your magnificent team.

In this rich social experience, invite other villages to help you in the game! Make friends, create your best teams and win prizes. 阿拉蕾大冒险 no more traditional leveling up, upgrade with a single tap!



Launch Rewards! Free costumes and heroes!

Lots of surprises and gifts are waiting for the first players who try the game! Move in Penguin Village during the launch period and you will receive all kinds of rewards to welcome you in the neighborhood. Log-in rewards! Birthday gifts! #阿拉蕾回来了 wants your pockets full!

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