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Launch of DD Tank’s English Version
Release time: 2015-06-23


DD Tank is licensed by 7Road and the game is developed by Proficient City Limited. 


DDTank is now available in English!

DDTank, Proficient City’s popular shooting game, is now available in English!




7Road is an online game corporation established in 2008. They have been leading digital gaming for years thanks to the quality of their digital entertainment products and operations. As one of the first corporations that used a physical engine in their browser games, today 7Road keeps researching and developing digital products with the help of the latest technologies and platforms.



Proficient City and 7Road collaborated before with the successful record-breaking game Wartune. Winner of the 2013 Facebook Staff Favorites awards, Wartune is one of the most popular browser games of the net. And now, Proficient City and 7 Road worked together once more to bring DDTank to the English-speaking market!

One of the most popular games in Asia is finally available in English. DDTank is the cutest shooter game with the best multiplayer features. Prepare for funny adventures, shooting action, lots of fashion items to customize your character and much more in DDTank, now in English!

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