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Launch of Lance Town
Release time: 2016-04-20

Game Hollywood proudly presents their new adventure Lance Town. A new mobile game you won’t want to stop playing.

Lance Town innovates in the Endless Running games adding a whole story, characters and attacks. As you ride your horse, you will have to fight enemies that want to stop you on your quest for peace. Keep a look out for the carts with rewards, and be very careful with the big bosses. Use your best skills on them!

Lance Town is the first Run and Fight all female game for mobile. An ancient seal has been broken and you will have to fight your way to the Dark Lord’s castle without letting anyone stop you. Are you ready to face this challenge?

Game Hollywood bring to IOS and Android a casual game with RPG elements that with amazing graphics and addictive gameplay we are sure will captivate a new base of players.

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