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Discuss New Cooperation and Development with Facebook and Google
Release time: 2016-03-30
During GDC 2016 in San Francisco, the Game Hollywood team was invited to the main offices of two of its strongest partners, Facebook and Google, to discuss new cooperation and development.

    On March 15th, Google held the China & Korea Mobile Gaming Executive Summit 2016. As a leading game company with a long-term partnership with Google, Game Hollywood was invited to attend.

Welcome screen of the summit

    The Game Hollywood team participated in Google’s discussion about YouTube promotion, solutions for video advertisement and prospects for the development of global video media. The team was especially interested in apps optimization, and Google Play branding.

The Game Hollywood team at the Google offices

    Game Hollywood was invited to Google’s offices to experience the working environment of one of our long time partners.

Photo of the summit staff with DDTankS mascot in his hand (DDTankS on the wall)

Talking with Head of Store at Oculus VR in the Facebook headquarters.

    On March 21st, the Game Hollywood team visited the Facebook headquarters in San Francisco. They met with the Head of the Oculus Store - Dan Morris, analyzed the VR market in China, discussed about the global Oculus development strategy and presented him the latest Game Hollywood’s VR application.

From left to right: Ever Chen (Wing Analytics Product Manager), Daniel Su (General Manager in Northern America), Dan Morris, Xitou Li (Game Hollywood COO), Matthew Ariss (Business Development and Media Strategist).

    During the meeting, Dan Morris discussed with the Game Hollywood team the VR market and the development of Oculus in depth. He also tried the game we’re about to launch in the Oculus Store - Voyage Into Space.

Screen shot of Voyage Into Space

    Voyage Into Space is an application created in collaboration with the national astronomical institute of the Beijing Planetarium. With the recognition of astronomical authorities, Voyage Into Space will take users in an adventure into the mysteries of the universe with official scientific information.
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