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DDTankS players’ wonderful trip to Barcelona
Release time: 2016-04-01

Last week, some lucky players from DDTank S in China won a contest ingame with an amazing reward: a 7-day trip to Barcelona to celebrate the cooperation between DDTank S and Fútbol Club Barcelona. The trip included an all paid stay in a 4-star hotel, all expenses paid and tickets to the Fútbol Club Barcelona museum and seats at the Barça – Arsenal.

There are several reasons as to why we chose this city in particular. First, because of its world-famous Mediterranean sceneries, its history and culture. But also because it’s home to one of DDTankS’ most important IPs: FC Barcleona.

Apart from visiting the most touristic places like Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló and Sitges, DDTankS also prepared some seats for our players to watch the breathtaking football match between Barcelona and Arsenal! FC Barcelona also offered complimentary tickets to the museum for our players and the whole team after our visit to their headquarters.

First visit to the Sagrada Família

The Sagrada Família was our first stop and our DDTankS players were very eager to see it! This cathedral is one of the masterpieces of Antonio Gaudí, a great Spanish architect, and it has been listed as an UNESCO World Heritage site. It has a lovely gothic architectural style and its impressive spires are definitely the most destinctive feature.

Sagrada Família, Barcelona

During the tour to Sagrada Família, our players shared this awesome game with the foreign friends they met!

Chinese and foreign players with DDTankS

Spreading the mobile game culture

In some way, we can say that Barcelona is an architectural exhibition of Gaudi and the whole city is very vivid thanks to his wild designs. His masterpieces include Sagrada Família, Casa Milà, Casa Batlló and Park Guell. But DDTankS players did not just indulge themselves in Gaudi’s works; they also went to the national art gallery and the Olympic Stadium and a few more places in order to see more of the city’s culture.

Players of DDTankS enjoying Gaudi’s famous buildings

The views of the national art gallery and the Olympic Stadium

During the whole trip, DDTankS has always been by the players’ side. It’s great when you want to take a break and relax or when you want to distract yourself from feeling homesick. This game has been a the bridge for us to spread the culture of chinese mobile games and it has become a very important representative.

DDTankS players in Barcelona

Barcelona’s victory, our motivation

One of the most exciting parts of this trip was the football match between Barcelona and Arsenal. Since they’re an important cooperative partner, the excitement of DDTankS and its players was beyond words. We were so honored to be ablo to cheer Barcelona! On the day of the match, even the heavy rain couldn’t douse the enthusiasm of the fans. FC Barcelona beat Arsenal with an overwhelming superiority of 3-1. After that, we visited the FC Barcelona headquarters and its museum, which surely brought Barcelona and our players much closer. We could experience its football culture and history with our own eyes.

Great match between Barcelona and Arsenal

DDTankS fans on the field

FC Barcelona headquarters and museum

The team’s victory felt like our own victory as well. It’s so nice to see one of our partners grow like they do, and it motivates us to add more content to DDTankS. In fact, our players are very fond of Barcelona-themed features and fashions. We look forward to adding many more new features very soon.

DDTankS with Barcelona features

After 7 wonderful days, the journey finally came to an end. Players were amazed they got to feel the local culture and charm of Barcelona and their amazing football team.

Photos of DDTankS players

DDTankS has been striving to innovate and develop itself for its players. We’ve managed to fulfill our promise in creating a perfect combination of real life sports and gaming by offering this this trip to our players. DDTankS will continue to bring more surprises in the future!

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