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DDTank Mobile featured in Google Play
Release time: 2016-04-21

DDtank already has a history of breaking popularity records. And now Game Hollywood has gained the recognition of Google Play again with DDTank.

This MMOG game by Game Hollywood has made possible to gather the features the players loved the most and combine them with regular updates and a caring customer service.

With unique features like endless dungeons with different difficulties for every kind of player, amazing PVP and GVG battles online with friends, a Fashion system that allows you to personalize your character, the popular marriage system that enables players to create social bonds with the community, the opportunity to play offline and a friendly gameplay focused in delivering the best experience; we are not surprised to hear that DDTank has been featured by Google Play! This time the featuring has come to Google Play Malaysia.

In July 2015 DDTank reached the top of the rankings being 4th in the Android free games rankings, 2nd in Apple’s free apps ranking and 3rd in Apple’s game rankings. This is only but another step in the fast climbing popularity of DDTank in the last months.

The incredibly big fanbase of DDTank and its social features is one of the most powerful characteristics of the game, you will have a hard time looking for someone who hasn’t played or heard about it. But also the media is happy to describe DDTank as a fun experience, friendly and accessible.

Right after being featured by Google Play, DDTank is announcing a new version. Game Hollywood already released a sneak peak of some of the new functions the game will have:

A new Energy system based on player’s feedback.

The Cross-server Duel that allows players to battle between them without server limitations.

A powerful World Boss called Dark Dragon that will sure be a challenge for the most experienced players. This one actually comes to life a minute after being defeated, way more powerful than before.

The Magic Pot system that randomizes special items.

With this and more new updates to come, who knows which surprises will it bring in the future?

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