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DDTank Lands in Thailand
Release time: 2016-05-24

The Asian market has always been a powerful but impenetrable wall for the West. Many games fail at providing what such a vast and diverse market requires. Or sometimes western companies lack the knowledge to position their products in the intricate systems that roam this part of the world. But Game Hollywood has more than 10 years of experience sailing the blue ocean that’s the Asian market, and its experience shows when they conquest again with one of their all-time hit games DDTank.

DDTank was launched in Thailand this May thanks to the collaboration with MMOG. In Thailand, DDTank will be called BOOMZ.

DDTank - BOOMZ is your classic arcade shooting game with a twist. It includes strong social features and gives great importance to user interaction and the player’s freedom to personalize the game and express their uniqueness.

The game has been launched in Android and iOS at the same time, providing a great strategy for a cluttered market like Thailand, where both operating systems compete in importance and it’s mandatory to give the player the opportunity to play freely in different devices. DDTank - BOOMZ’s players were happy to know that with the launching of the game they could receive exclusive items from their OS of choice.

After the launch in China, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Brazil, seems like there is no stopping for DDTank. It’s rare to encounter a game fitted for such a diverse audience, but Game Hollywood has been able to adapt the game and invest in its evolution and its hard work is paying: DDTank keeps being in the Top of the mobile rankings in Asia, and they keep receiving requests to see DDTank published all around the world.

BOOMZ has a bright future in Thailand and, we know, this is only the begging in of DDTank’s worldwide expansion.

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