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Next Destination: Worldwide
Release time: 2016-06-07

The GWGC Beijing conference is one of the most acclaimed professional and business game events in China. Founded by Miracle Games and supported by Microsoft and AGICC, it gathers the most relevant professionals from the game industry in China.

Game Hollywood’s COO Xitou Lee was invited as a speaker to the GWGC Beijing conference to talk about what makes Game Hollywood different from other companies in China: their remarkable success in bringing games made in China to the overseas market. Finding solutions to export games to a worldwide audience is an important matter for Chinese as well as worldwide companies. 

The understanding of the worldwide market and the connection with a western audience has been already achieved by Game Hollywood, and the massive success of some of their games after being launched worldwide is proof of it. And it requires a new and innovative way of business thinking and the use of the correct tools.

Game Hollywood presented the result of their combination of a solid core technology from Canada and their experience of over 10 years working worldwide to launch a new platform that will for sure change the exporting games overseas experience: WingSdk. 

The SDK supports multi-platform login, official payment channels and potent social functions. The use of a powerful tool like this could mean saving 70% of the process time when preparing games for a worldwide market. Relying on millions of users in the worldwide market and in the new CPS cooperation patterns, seems like common issues like high promotion budgets and uncontrollable promotion effects won’t be a problem for those who hope to publish overseas.

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