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Game Hollywood Goes Rogue
Release time: 2016-06-15

Last week, Game Hollywood’s offices received the visit of Pete Blumel and Hrish Lotlikar, CEO and Chief Business Development Officer of the Rogue Initiative. Their company, based in LA, comes for the world of cinema and animation to deliver the best cinematics for Virtual Reality, feature film and television.

Game Hollywood and Rogue Initiative are in a very exciting cooperation to create a VR game with the best features of a blockbuster movie. Actually, the cooperation was lucky enough to get a very famous Hollywood director, father or some of the best blockbusters of the past decades, as partner and advisor. Soon we will let you know who is it.

During their time in our offices, Rogue Initiative showed us the demo of the VR shooting game we’ve all been working on, and we gotta say it’s amazing. We’ll have to organize a schedule only for our staff that wants to try it.

The meeting included some of the best VR specialist investors, who were very interested in seeing what Game Hollywood and Rogue’s Initiative had been up to. And they were not disappointed.

We can’t wait until we can unveil more of this project!

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