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6 Years Connecting Players
Release time: 2016-06-15

Game Hollywood’s expertise may be on how to connect with our audience and keep developing a new future for the game market… but we also know how to party!

The last June 12th we celebrated our sixth anniversary in all our offices around the world. Congratulations, Game Hollywood! 

The main party was held in our main offices in Guangzhou, China. But we also connected with our colleagues from Barcelona and Canada, despite funky time zones, and had a great time together. Distance has never been a problem for Game Hollywood, we are professionals at delivering fun online, and this was not going to be an exception!

Too bad we could send some virtual cake to the rest of our offices in USA and Europe, it was delicious! But it was great to be together again to relax for a day after this very busy and productive year.

Tears were shed and stories were shared. Game Hollywood has come a long way since the beginning thanks to the hard work of our staff, and we are very proud to say that there is even a brighter future waiting for us ahead.

With the talent of the colleagues that have been with us since the beginning and the new promises we welcomed this year, we are sure Game Hollywood’s story has still a long way to go.

Thank you for accompanying us in this wonderful journey.

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