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Game Hollywood Goes On TV
Release time: 2016-07-06

Last week, the Hong Kong television channel TVB came to our main office in Guangzhou to talk about Chinese gaming. TVB is the main TV station for news and entertainment in Cantonese, catering mostly to Hong Kong but also to the area of Guangzhou.

TVB was doing a news segment about game developing in China and how Chinese companies publish their games outside the country. We explained the differences between both markets and gave examples of our expertise in publishing Chinese games in the US, Brazil and several European markets. We also shed some light on gamer profile differences, both casual and hardcore, in China and other markets in the US and Europe, which forces Chinese companies to think twice before publishing their games unedited in those regions.

Our COO, Xitou Lee, gave an introduction of our company, on how we began with browser games, then added mobile games publishing to our portfolio and now we started with VR. He also explained how our goal is to become a worldwide entertainment group using the new possibilities that VR will bring in the coming years, being videogames only a part of it.

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