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Meet WingSDK In 14th ChinaJoy
Release time: 2016-08-10

ChinaJoy is one of the most important game conferences worldwide, and the biggest in Asia. In this 14th ChinaJoy, Game Hollywood set up a booth to showcase our new product WingSDK. This time we not only showed our most popular game DDTank, now with exclusive Futbol Club Barcelona items and characters, but also presented our new service for videogame publishers.

With its headquarters in Guangzhou, China and branches in Montreal, Barcelona, and Hong Kong, Game Hollywood has been exporting high quality games to worldwide audiences for over a decade. Game Hollywood has combined core technologies from Canada with their 10 years of international experience to create an all-new analytics platform for the game publishing experience: WingSDK.

WingSDK supports multi-platform login, official payment channels, and adaptive social functions. Using this powerful tool will help developers reduce localization overheads by up to 70% in the global market and levying its millions of international users will allow them to mitigate risks like high promotional budgets and unforeseeable promotional issues, allowing them to reap the benefits of their high-quality products.

We had many big companies and friends, like Efunfun, Avia Games, Aeria Games etc. who showed interested and praised WingSDK as a solution to game publishing worldwide. Stay tuned for launch!

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