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DDTank gifts
Release time: 2015-07-31

DDTank S was officially launched a month ago! And we prepared lots of gifts for our staff. We want to show our appreciation to all of our employees for their hard work because, if it wasn’t for them, we would have never been able to launch the game. And we like to let them know what they’re the best!

On the day DDTank S was launched, we put the new DDTank notebooks on everyone’s desk before they came in the morning. That way, when they get to work, the first thing they’ll see is a surprise gift! Who doesn’t like surprise gifts first thing in the morning?

We also put cardboard cutouts in the company lobby for everyone to take photos with their favorite characters and celebrate the success of the game. In fact, everyone who took a picture with the cardboard cutouts got free drinks! We feel it’s a great way to lighten the mood and have them relax for a little bit after working so hard.

And last but not least, we wanted everyone to enjoy the game they’ve been working so hard on as well! We organized a DDTank S competition, with both single battles and guild battles. For the guild battles, each department has to make their own guild in order to participate. And, of course, we prepared rewards for all the winners. Are you ready to win the competition?

Thanks for making DDTank one of the best mobile games of its time!

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