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Change to Win
Release time: 2015-07-25

Today we gathered Game Hollywood employees together to have an important meeting. Its theme was “Change to Win”. Our objective for this meeting was to look back onto everything we had done and achieved until now, analyze it, and determine what kind of future we want for the company and what steps to take in order to do so.

The meeting was led by our CEO and Game Hollywood’s founder Mr. Lu Yuanfeng. He shared his experience and company data from the past with our employees. Game Hollywood grew exponentially in the past and it’s time to keep working hard for the future. We encouraged the employees to participate and analyzed the past, present and future of our company together, in order to keep our employees updated on Game Hollywood’s future and also to listen to their ideas and suggestions.

The videogame and technology markets are in constant evolution and change. And with it, Game Hollywood has learned to adapt and be ahead of our competitors.

In Game Hollywood we believe a company is not only a brand, but every one of its employees. That’s why it’s so important for us to listen to our players’ community and our employee’s suggestions in order to keep evolving and offer our best projects. Communication and professionalism are our base to build a bright future.

Changes are coming – and they are for good. Game Hollywood and Proficient City will soon deliver the kind of changes the future of technology and videogames needs.

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