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Penny Arcade Expo 2015
Release time: 2015-09-29

Our Canadian office employees came back from the Penny Arcade Expo 2015 in Seattle a few days ago and told us all about it once they arrived the China offices! For those who don’t know, the Penny Arcade Expo it’s one of the biggest gaming events held in the United States. Also known as PAX, it has been going on since 2004. It has grown a lot since its beginnings, being able to hold an incredible audience and business meetings, there’s even a second one in Boston (PAX East) happening the same year.

We had the opportunity to be updated about the videogame market and also create new partnerships thanks to our time in PAX.

Our employees gave us a master class about what they learned in Penny Arcade Expo 2015 and shared lots of interesting information. We learned about new trends in the western market, which will be useful for us to improve our marketing strategies overseas and create a bridge between the western market and China.

Game Hollywood will also be attending future events in USA, Europe and SEA, you can add us on LinkedIn to be updated of which events and conventions we will attend and book a meeting with us.

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