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Happy Halloween!
Release time: 2015-11-01

Halloween is finally here! And, just like every year, we’re spending it together in Game Hollywood. Since it’s one of our favorite times of the year, we love decorating the entire office with spider webs, ghosts, skeletons… If there are no spooky decorations, then there’s no Halloween!

To have some more fun on this day we got into groups and made jack-o-lanterns. You could vote for your favorite one, and the one selected as a winner would get a little prize! Honestly, everyone did a great job! Also, Chippy and the other monsters gave out candy to everyone after their lunch break.

Lots of our employees also got dressed up for Halloween. We even got pictures from our branch office in Spain, since they decided to go to work in a costume as well. And, to top it all with an extra bit of fun, we played a ghost-catching VR game!

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