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Team Building Trip
Release time: 2015-11-06

Guangzhou in autumn is lovely, leaves start falling from the trees and the weather is great for being outdoors. So we decided to go on a small trip all together. After all, staff bonding can be really fun!

We went to a picnic area and had a huge barbeque. Everyone brought something of their own to share, so we had lots of different food and snacks to choose from. It was all delicious, and eating it all outdoors made it even better. Since it had also been someone’s birthday, we bought some cake as well and celebrated! And to top it all, we got to go kart racing. That’s something that you definitely don’t do every day.  

It was a great day and we had lots of fun together. These are always great opportunities to take a break from the working environment and have fun with your coworkers. It’s really great to get to know your coworkers more outside the office building. We really hope we can have more field days like this in the future, they’re a great way to build a strong teamwork and engage communication between departments!

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