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Thank you, team!
Release time: 2015-11-30

In Game Hollywood we are always looking for new ways to engage relationships with our colleagues all around the world. Sometimes it’s not easy to work in so many different languages and cultural backgrounds, but we always find a common ground in our love for technology and videogames.

We believe in creating strong relationships and creating a safe space for all our employees, especially for those who are far away from home.

The head departments and management staff wanted to say thanks to the rest of their colleagues for their hard work and dedication to the videogame industry during the past year, resulting in a spectacular grow for Game Hollywood and Proficient City. So, to celebrate Thanksgiving this year, the management staff will “serve” the rest of the office for a day!

The Game Hollywood management prepared a surprise feast for the rest of the employees, decorated the office for Thanksgiving and dedicated some words of gratitude to the staff. There were different booths serving different snacks imitating a traditional Chinese street food and lots of activities to celebrate Thanksgiving and relax for a day!

The whole party was livestreamed to the rest of our offices all around the world. We prepared several devices for every one of our employees outside China to make them feel as if they were celebrating with us. Too bad there’s still no way to send digital food!

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