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Happy Chinese New Year!
Release time: 2016-02-17

Do you know how we celebrate New Year in China? For us, it’s called the Spring Festival and since our New Year is based on the Chinese calendar, it happens around January.

This year, we decorated our China offices with Chinese New Year decorations made of red paper, and received the traditionally lucky money served inside a beautiful red packet from our CEO, as it is custom. Game Hollywood is going to have a lucky New Year for sure!

We also held several events and competitions in some of our games like DDTank and Wartune, targeting our Chinese audience and granting them rewards and New Year wishes. We hope our Chinese players will also have a lucky year and reach the top of the rankings!

Celebrating a huge lunch the first day after New Year holidays is also a common tradition in China. All our employees were invited to feast and relax during the first day in the office. Also, there was a surprise performance of the traditional dancing dragons to dispel evil and bring good luck to our future projects and games that are coming soon! We enjoyed the show of acrobatics and drums by traditional performers. Also, it looks like Chippy, our DDTank mascot, and the lions made good friends!

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