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Forum Sessions
Release time: 2016-04-19

In Game Hollywood we believe in constant learning. Working in technology and videogames means never-ending innovation, new resources and discoveries; it is an exciting world full of possibilities. Sometimes, it can be difficult to be up to date with such a dynamic market, that’s why we started a Forum dedicated to sharing experiences and knowledge. This allows our employees to give master classes between departments and eases communication and learning between professionals.

The first session was hosted by Game Hollywood’s Mr. Xitou Lee, Co-founder and COO, right after coming back from San Francisco’s GDC. And also by designer and marketing guru Sihoki Yang about design in western markets and color theory, and interpersonal relationships expert Elva Huang about communication and social management in business.

The forum session with Mr. Xitou Lee about the latest trends and the progression of the game industry in western markets was also a master class about his experience in GDC and what is to come for Game Hollywood in the following years.

He visited Game Hollywood and Proficient City’s partners in Google and Facebook’s offices while in San Francisco, and carefully explained in his session how to create a healthy environment in the game market and how to reach the audience as a company in the friendliest way. Proficient City’s COO shared with our employees the latest updates of the western market and its evolution and how Game Hollywood can help create a bridge between the western and the Chinese market.

We also learned about the future of VR devices and how the game market is preparing for its early debut. Game Hollywood is a lead in VR software investigation and development in China and our employees from different departments were able to learn about the possibilities of VR and try some of the newest devices, as well as testing Game Hollywood’s latest VR app Voyage into Space in the latest phases of development.

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