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2016 Barcelona Games World
Release time: 2016-10-21

Barcelona is known for being the host of one of the biggest technology conferences in Europe, the Mobile World Congress. As a city heavily committed to the latest technology trends and a nucleus of communication and technology for Europe, this year it’s also the host of the first game conference in Spain focused on business and user experience: Barcelona Games World.

Game Hollywood opened its European office in Barcelona two years ago and has been collaborating closely with some powerful partners like F.C. Barcelona. Game Hollywood has also been keeping an eye on the multiple game development hubs and labs in Barcelona that are incubating the next generation of games and developers thanks to the support provided by the government.

The city’s history with videogames and technology didn’t disappoint, the indie game venue was filled with interesting projects and well-prepared teams showcasing colorful and addicting games. The business venue was busy and filled with developers looking for publishing offers and opportunities to bring their games to a bigger audience. And that’s exactly what Proficient city is good at: helping developers to optimize and distribute their games all around the world.

Game Hollywood has also been planning to invest more in VR next year. They already introduced themselves to the VR app world thanks to their educational game Voyage into Space in collaboration with Beijing’s observatory back in July of 2016. They managed to partner with young VR talents in the Barcelona Games World, preparing for the VR market to come.

There was also the opportunity to meet with some of Game Hollywood’s long time partners like Bigpoint in order to be up to date and plan future collaborations.

It’s not easy to establish a new conference in a continent dominated by some of the biggest videogame events like Gamescom, Paris Games Week or Pocket Gamers. But Barcelona Games World is for sure in the right path to become indispensable.

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