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Our Newest VR Games Were Featured On HTC Viveport M
Release time: 2016-11-10

HTC has recently launched a new platform called Viveport M for smartphones. It’s a VR app store through which users can download games, apps, etc. on their Android devices. Not only will it give more people easier access to a great variety of VR content, but it’s also a form of encouragement for VR developers to bring more into the market.

Game Hollywood has a good collaborative relationship with HTC. In fact, both of our VR games (Voyage Into Space and Fish VR) were released on Viveport M and got featured. Fish VR is the first mobile VR game developed in China with Unreal Engine 4, and it’s based on a very famous mobile game known as “Fishing Joy”. Players can go deep-sea hunting for fish and feel completely immersed thanks to the amazing graphics and music. They can also choose different weapons in order to catch fish, such as guns and webs to get a higher score. However, there aren’t only fish in the sea; players will encounter deadly sharks that will prove to be a challenge.

Voyage Into Space, on the other hand, is also a very immersive VR game developed by Game Hollywood, but with a totally different theme. In this game, the player gets to explore all the mysteries of space! It was made in collaboration with the Beijing Planetarium and includes accurate information about constellations and the secrets of space. This educative game will teach users everything they need to know about all the stars, galaxies, constellations and much more.

Being featured on the HTC Viveport M platform is a great honor for us, and it gives us great motivation to expand our future VR business. We’re also interested not only in mobile VR games, but in PC VR games and all-in-one machines, like the VR Motion Simulator. With such a device, users not only see the virtual reality, but they can also feel what they are experiencing. We’re open to speak with anyone willing to collaborate with us in this field, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

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