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DDTank Бумз featured by Google Play and VK
Release time: 2016-11-23

Game Hollywood’s DDTank is one of the best performing games in Asia, both in browser and mobile. And after its success in browser worldwide, the mobile version has taken the market by storm. In this last year, it has focused specially in the emerging markets, localizing the game with native teams to fit the necessities of the market.

A few months ago, DDTank was featured in Brazil Google Play. And only three months ago, it launched in Russia as DDTank Бумз, again with heavy localization for this very specific market. And in less than two months after launch, DDTank Бумз has been featured by Google Play and VK. VK is the biggest social platform in Russia, with over 300 million users, and has become the biggest gaming platform in Russia.

Since it’s launch on September 22nd, DDTank Бумз has received tons of positive feedback from players, even some online celebrities shared videos playing the game, receiving more than one million views per video.

Meanwhile, DDTank has launched its latest event, where Chippy takes the main role of different childhood fairy tales, like the little mermaid, Rapunzel, Snow White etc. This event has brought a great number of new fans to the game, and Game Hollywood is sure this will be only the beginning of the great success of DDTank Бумз in Russia.

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