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Thanksgiving arrives to Game Hollywood’s offices
Release time: 2016-12-22

As a global company we have the privilege to work side by side with talents from all over the world. We aim to diversify our offices and make our staff feel at home. That’s why we love to embrace different traditions and let our colleagues share their culture with us.

This year our staff was kind enough to celebrate Thanksgiving with us from our offices in China!

Game Hollywood prepared different activities and games to make our staff from different departments communicate and learn from each other. We believe in engaging in strong relationships and investing in team building as the best way to create a healthy and productive environment.

Our staff prepared Thanksgiving cards to write their best wishes to their colleagues and be thankful for their efforts this year. There was also a feast full of delicacies and traditional Thanksgiving treats that were a new experience for some of our staff.

There also prepared a cheeky little game. Game Hollywood managers acted as servants and helped the rest of the staff to relax and enjoy Thanksgiving Day with their best efforts. And guess what, every manager had their own QR code that could be scanned and used to vote for their efficiency! They sure worked hard to become the best manager of Thanksgiving Day.

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