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Game Hollywood in YACA 2017
Release time: 2017-02-23

Game Hollywood may have more than 10 years of experience in the game market, but we know the importance of being present in the game community and engage with our public every day. That’s why Game Hollywood assisted the 2017 Guangzhou YACA conference this year too.

YACA is one of the main anime and games conventions held in China and this year the audience’s response to our DDTank events was overwhelming.

An event was held prior to the conference: a fan art contest where we encouraged our players to draw their favorite characters and share them with us. We were surprised by the amount of participation received. Seems like our latest collaboration with Football Club Barcelona was one of the most popular subjects between the participants.

Game Hollywood’s booth this year was focused on DDTank Mobile, one of our most successful games alongside with Wartune, Legend Knight and Omega Zodiac. DDTank is a fun shooting game for all ages with a very solid fan base.

Newcomers were able to play for the first time with the help of our staff thanks to the tablets and devices available at Game Hollywood’s booth. Some social media stars tried try our game and broadcasted the whole event live for their followers. And the final of the King of DDTank competition was held live, where the 8 finalists won full accommodation and transport to come to YACA and compete with each other to see who is really the King of DDTank.

Moreover, the passersby had the chance to receive free drinks and receive merchandise from Chippy, DDTank’s mascot, if you followed Game Hollywood’s WeChat profile and downloaded the game in our booth.

But that was not the only freebie you could get from following DDTank on WeChat... Game Hollywood launched their exclusive plans for VR in YACA this year.

Combining the business model of arcade machines and with the latest technology—VR, AR and holograph, Game Hollywood will start collaborating in 2017 with stores, shopping malls and big arcade companies in China to launch our new VR experience arcade machines. And VR Fishing is our first arcade game, provides a great immersion with its excellent graphics and it’s the first VR game developed by Unreal Engine 4 for arcade machines.Our public was able to play for free and try our new VR arcade machines for the first time after following our WeChat profile.

Our events attracted the attention of the media. And we are happy to say that Game Hollywood is already planning to offer you the best game experiences of the future in 2017.

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