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The Dragon Has Finally Awoken
Release time: 2017-05-18

This year, Game Hollywood is full of surprises. We have been working on developing and investigate new ways to introduce VR games to the general public. But we didn't forget a part of what makes Game Hollywood and Proficient City one of the most requested publishers in the online game market: creating thrilling adventures for our players.

The new incorporation to our game portfolio is Dragon Awaken.

Dragon Awaken is a thrilling browser RPG that will take you to a dangerous fantasy world. You are a warrior destined to end the conflict between dragons and the rest of the creatures roaming the continent.

In your journey you will encounter different heroes that will need your help. Make them fight by your side to build a strong army and defeat the dragon that has been scheming the destruction of your world. But be careful, you might have more secrets than you even knew…

Dragon Awaken is built around character growth and dungeon exploration. Finding the best strategy to become stronger will be the real challenge. It also features high resolution 3D graphics and a dynamic battle system.

Exploring the vast world of Dragon Awaken and defeating your enemies won't be easy!

Since the launch of Dragon Awaken on the 8th of March, it received overwhelming of players who urged to play. Proficient Citys  player community has grown rapidly and massively in such short period of the time. also, we are pleased to earn numerous positive feedback from the player base via social medias.

Dragon Awaken, hence, was featured by both Facebook and Gameroom from 05/11 to 05/18, though this was the first time our game got selected, where the acceptance and recognition by the worlds largest platform is non-neglectable.

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