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Alert of War launched on Google Play
Release time: 2017-06-26

Alert of War, the new RTS game published by Game Hollywood launched on Google Play on June 5th. Players were quick to praise its playability and its amazing graphics and won a score of 4.3 in just a few days.

Alert of War has been developed by an experienced team from China. The game, developed with Cocoss2DX, is set in a futuristic world where World War III is fought with new weaponry and vehicles of war. Players will be immersed in this war setting and battle against each other to take control of the world.

The game has been published in China, where it won praise from both players and critics. Now, after a thorough localization, Alert of War plans on taking over screens worldwide thanks to Game Hollywood.

Alert of War is a perfect experience for those who enjoy war games, strategy games, or games where they can interact with other players, while building their own army. Creating alliances and forging friendships will strengthen relationships in-game in order to win the war. But powerful enemies are always one step ahead!

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