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Lord of Star Featured by Facebook Gameroom
Release time: 2017-06-26

Game Hollywood and Proficient City have launched a big variety of titles this year for their mobile and browser games portfolio. Lord of Star is a Sci-fi themed MMO already available for Android and iOS that has rapidly become a favorite among players. But it’s not surprising that it has raised so quick in the charts.

Lord of Star is a cross-platform SLG developed with Unity located in a rich Sci-Fi universe. The goal is to expand your territories and colonize the alien lands looking for new resources and allies in order to make humanity survive. But it won’t be that easy, the galaxy is full of mysteries and dangers, some of them are other players who will try to take your territories in order to expand their empires.

Creating an alliance with other players in order to defend your Capital and take the enemies’ Capital will be the key to this territory war. But humanity is not alone in this search for new habitable planets, and soon you will face a foe that you never expected.

The combination of a thrilling background story and the unique battle system has made Lord of Stars a worthy winner of the Facebook Gameroom feature. This Proficient City game was featured the 26th of May and since then the player base has growth exponentially.

With the growing player audience and new features being introduced, Lord of Star has added more servers and operation support so the game will run smoothly and will be prepared for the new players the Facebook Gameroom feature will attract.

This is but another hit title from Proficient City and Game Hollywood, the companies that saw Wartune, Dragon Awaken and Omega Zodiac success. And we are sure Lord of Star will continue to rise.

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