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Celebration of Youth Day
Release time: 2017-05-05

Youth Day is a very popular holiday celebrated in China every year since 1949. Its origins are political, more specifically related to the development of the Chinese democracy. But nowadays it’s become a public holiday for people to celebrate the youth with celebrated with parades and more cheerful.

To celebrate Youth Day, the HR department of Game Hollywood decided to prepare lots of props to take pictures with the whole team. They also organized a small party with different types of cakes, treats and drinks in the afternoon. We love having these sort of events here at this company because it’s a great way for workers to get together, to get to know each other a little better and be able to have fun inside their working environment.

We like keeping our employees happy, as we consider that this can motivate them and, therefore, make them much more efficient. Happy employees are the best employees!

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