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Excel Training Camp
Release time: 2017-07-03

Here at Game Hollywood we encourage our employees to not only work as best as possible, but also to learn as much as they can while they work, day after day. The more knowledge you obtain, the more efficiently you can do your job and develop new skills that can allow you to grow professionally. One of the most recent activities we’ve done is a training camp specialized in Excel knowledge.

Game Hollywood organized three different courses to teach the employees about this very useful tool. The ones that would be teaching said courses are workers specialized in Excel, who use it on a daily basis for their job. So they would be people from the operations department, the think tanks and others from the financial department.

We’ve received great feedback from the “students”, they were all very eager to learn about this tool, especially once they realized its potential. It seems like a very simple software at first, but once you start learning all the different ways in which it can help you out, you realize it’s a very complete tool that can make workflow much more efficient. Once they were taught the theory, they would put their recently-acquired knowledge to practice.

Because of how great these Excel courses worked, we are thinking about organizing more in the near future. Not necessarily related to Excel, but maybe to other tools or other fields. It’s very interesting to see how each department can learn from one another. So who knows which courses we might be organizing next!

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