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Partners and friends meet Game Hollywood in USA
Release time: 2017-07-12

Game Hollywood and Proficient City have been long time partners of Facebook. Not only Wartune received the Staff’s favorite awards under Game Hollywood’s publishing, but several of the company’s games have been featured and praised among the platform due to their excellent performance and customer service quality.

This year, Facebook's annual global developer conference F8 was held in the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, and Game Hollywood was invited to be part of the event. Game Hollywood’s CCOO Guozhan Huang and head of North America Daniel Su attended the F8 and had the chance to meet once again with their partners.

Facebook Space was one of the highlights of the event. Since Game Hollywood and Proficient City launched their own VR arcade machines at the beginning of 2017, it has become a successful strategy to introduce VR into an unexplored niche that has provided with excellent results. Instant games also became an interesting meeting point between companies interested in H5 games and experimentation.

Game Hollywood had the opportunity to talk with Dan Morris, head of the Oculus Store regarding the future of VR in Asia and China. Since Proficient City has more than 15 years of experience introducing the west to the east and providing counselling about the Asian market, this was a great opportunity to share their expertise.

Game Hollywood’s COO Guozhan Huang and head of North America Dainel Su also visited The Roge Iniviative offices as a part of this trip. They had the chance to see the latest demo of Crowe: the Drowned Armory, a thrilling first person shooting game in the making. A meeting with their CEO Pete Blumal to talk about VR publishing and IP cooperation was mandatory, since Proficient City has been now collaborating with The Rogue Initiative for future projects for a while.

Also, they stopped by Heavy Iron Studio offices and talked about the future of the company and in-development projects. Their CEO Lyle Hall received Game Hollywood warmly and they look forward to collaborating gin the future.

Being an international company, Game Hollywood takes special care to communicate with their partners and forge new relationships. The future of the game enterprise resides in the power we all have together as a community.

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