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Game Hollywood Takes Over GameLab
Release time: 2017-07-31

Game Hollywood and Proficient City have been expanding their influence territories in the last years. Growing internationally also meant the necessity of hiring new talents and professionals all around the world to take care of regional necessities and also to develop a diverse staff to enrich the company.

In 2015 the European Game Hollywood offices in Barcelona opened and have been reaching European business and partners, connecting the East with the West with ease and growing every year.

This year Game Hollywood was invited to participate in GameLab 2017. GameLab is a non-profit organization that has been connecting professionals and investing in the Spanish videogame enterprise since 2005. Gamelab’s flagship event takes place every June in Barcelona (Spain) and welcomes over 1.000 attendees and 500 companies and organizations.

It was held at the Hesperia Towel Hotel with the collaboration of several renowned speakers and attendees as Fumito Ueda (Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Guardian), Mikko Kodisoja (Supercell) and Dino Patti (Limbo, Inside). Catalonia generates around a 47% of Spain’s total revenue in videogames and Barcelona is the leading city with the most videogame studios per capita in the country and growing.

We had the chance to personally visit the event and enjoy the latest highlight of the videogame industry. We also reunited with longtime partners and met the brightest talents of the indie game scene that right now are rocking the industry and will for sure become the future of gaming.

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