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Game Hollywood in Facebook and Google events in ChinaJoy
Release time: 2017-08-25

ChinaJoy is the biggest gaming event in Asia, where companies from all over the world get together to network and do business. Every international company that wants to enter Asia visits Shanghai in July. While in 2016 there were over 270.000 visitors, the number in August is expected to rise.

Game Hollywood visited ChinaJoy once again to meet with old partners and meet newcomers. During their time in Shanghai, Game Hollywood’s representatives where invited to several events held by partners.

CEO Yuanfeng Lu and COO Guozhan Huang visited Facebook’s Level Up Conference where they met Leo Olebe (Global Partnerships) and Jack Li (Facebook Games Asian-Pacific region partnerships) where they discussed plans for the future.

Later on, in the Google Play Mixer Party, CEO Yuanfeng Lu met Francois Deshenes (Product Manager) and shared their insights on the Game Industry.

Game Hollywood is one of the international companies that look out of the ever-growing China into the worldwide market and aims to improve the quality of the gaming industry.

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