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Heading to the future. Happy birthday to Game Hollywood!
Release time: 2017-10-29

Seven years ago, Game Hollywood was a new Entrepreneurial team of the industry. Nowadays, it has become a global game development and publishing company with hundreds of employees. These years have been busy but amazing to every member of the company.

At the 7th Anniversary of Game Hollywood, we had a great party to celebrate the day. We started decorating the office, front desk, meeting rooms and even the stairs a week ago. Everyone was excited about the coming celebration.

In the party, Game Hollywood held a Free Style Carnival. Teams from all departments set up 5 game stalls in different meeting rooms. After finishing a game they would get a stamp. When they collected all 5 stamps they could take part in the Golden eggs smashing sweepstakes to get a prize. The winning rate is 100%!

The company also prepared tasty desserts, fruit and drinks. Everyone enjoyed the party.

Lu Yuanfeng, Mr.Lu, the CEO of Game Hollywood, gave members a speech in the party. He showed his gratitude to all members who devoted their time to building up the company. This year, Game Hollywood upgrades to a new level, and we will have more bonus to share with members.

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