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The linkage among different versions of DDTank during the World Cup
Release time: 2018-07-13

  The highest stage of football, the World Cup, has come at the appointed time. At the same time, the classic trajectory mobile game that is popular around the world, DDTank, has also brought a grand party to all the game players with the linkage events among its different language versions of the game.


  From the beginning of July, every version of DDTank has customized the updates and events about the theme of World Cup in the game. For example, they all added some new football-related items in the game, such as maps of football field, fashions of football jerseys etc., which allows the players to feel the atmosphere of the World Cup inside and outside the game.


  Among all the events held by DDTank series, the most important one is the linkage event among the three versions of DDTank family. It lets the players from around the world share the pictures or videos showing their local atmosphere of enjoying the World Cup, which can pass their joy to other players and cheer for the the team they support. We will evaluate and choose the most active version to send the all-server special reward in the game. This event would last the whole month of July. And the players would not only win abundant rewards, but also exchange different football culture from different countries.


  Apart from the linkage event, every version has their own special events according to the physical truth of different regions, such as the Match Guessing, the Collection and Exchange of football items. In Brazil, the football kingdom, we specially designed an event that sending a football jersey to a lucky player once the Brazil National team score a goal, and sending a authorised edition football once Brazilian getting into the final eight. The enthusiasm of Brazilian players was totally brought on by this attracted event!

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