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Omega Zodiac’s server 200 is officially opened! Collect shards of Athena’s Golden Statue
Release time: 2018-07-10

        July 09, 2018 01:00am (PDT), Omega Zodiac officially opened its 200th server! Since the launch of Omega Zodiac, our community has been filled with the most amazing users from all around the world, and we are very grateful for their support and trust during all this time. This is only but a new beginning, we will continue to improve our games and please our players with all the surprises that are ready to come.

        To celebrate the arrival of the 200the server, Omega Zodiac has launched a luxurious event that includes an exclusive and time limited cross-service exchange store during the celebration. Collect Athena Statue’s shards, receive Lvl.4 Legendary Dark Antique Shards and play with the new and limited edition fashion item Flame Elf and the new Mount fashion item Rabbit Balloon. There’s even a limited edition Golden Athena Statue waiting for you! The players who are looking for an exclusive weapon should not miss this event!

        This event has been successfully orchestrated thanks to the player’s suggestion and feedback. We love to know what our players love the best and what they would change about the game to make Omega Zodiac the game that can fulfill all their expectations and needs. There are more events and surprises waiting for you soon, stay tuned and don’t miss them!!


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