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Game Hollywood will be at Gamelab Barcelona 2018
Release time: 2018-07-01

         Game Hollywood has been invited as a worldwide publisher to meet with local developers at Gamelab 2018 to check out their games and guide the new studios. Raúl Moyano, Branch Director and Business Developer Manager, will be looking for the best games to publish worldwide, and will also be giving advice to the smaller studios on how to present their game to developers and what do they need in order to succeed. 

          Gamelab is one of Spain’s most important videogame events since 2015, and it reunites the best local companies and international talent in 3 days of meetings, workshops and conferences.

         This year, Gamelab will receive some of the best creators in the videogame industry to give conferences and share their insights of how games are done: Amy Hennig (writer and creative director for the Uncharted Saga), Todd Howard (Designer, Director and Producer for Bethesda), Angie Smets (Executive Producer at Guerrilla Games), Kati Levoranta (CEO at Rovio) and a long etc. Gamelab’s flagship event takes place every June in Barcelona (Spain) and welcomes over 1.000 attendees and 500 companies and organizations. Gamelab also celebrates seasonal events in cities around the world, like Tokyo, Shanghai, Montevideo or Madrid.

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