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Robot Tactics has been featured by Google Play
Release time: 2018-08-25

HONG KONG - August 24th, 2018 - Game Hollywood announces that their brand new anime Card and SLG game Robot Tactics has been featured by Google Play. The game has been featured only 1 month after it's official launch.

Robot Tactics was launched on August 2nd. It merges different styles like a RPG storyline, robot battles, card collection, equipment and social interaction with unique turn-based strategic battles. In the game, players will be immersed in thrilling battle modes and strategy. The open robot system to design the battle boards is just one of its many exclusive characteristics. Besides the interesting storyline, players will be able to interact with other players from all over the world in PVP, cooperation tasks and full scale server war. Players will also find incredible anime characters in the game. And the Character Voice will be added into the next version to make the game even more exciting!

A hundred years ago, on Sunset Land, a war rose between the high-technology country of the United States of Honir and the magic country Paz Kings Union. The war rages on still today, stealing countless lives and destroying the world as we know it.

A group of mercenaries together and created the Vera Mercenaries to make peace during war time. In this game, players will be part of this elite mercenary group and will look for the people of their countries in this quest for peace.

Features in Robot Tactics

Create and upgrade customizable robots

In Robot Tactics, players can not only have their own robots, but also personalize them by assembling and upgrading countless components. What’s more, as the leader of Vera Mercenaries, players can organize their own formations to maximize their military capability!

Original combination of strategy and RPG

As a mercenary, the players are given a series of tasks to complete. The game has a complete and diverse RPG storyline. But also an interesting battle mode, where players need to master strategies to fight against different enemies in the battlefield.

Real-time multiplayer war

Players are not alone in Robot Tactics. In the War mode, players can connect with other players from all over the world and compete in PVP or GVG modes. They can choose any side of the two superpowers to defend the honor of the nation!

Incredible animations

Robot Tactics combines 2D and 3D high quality graphics. Players can enjoy the incredible animations while playing the game and battling. Immerse yourself in this adventure with an anime style. And be surprised by the 3D magic and tech animations and effects in battles.

Robot Tactics has been available on Google Play and App Store now! You can find more information about Robot Tactics on Robot Tactics’s Official Website or Robot Tactics’s Facebook fan page.

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