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Bomb You - the most tactical slingshot game of 2018 is now available on Google play
Release time: 2018-07-12

HONG KONG - July 11, 2018 – Game Hollywood is officially launching their new shooting game Bomb You, an online multiplayer mobile game which features tactical 3v3 battles.

"Shooting games have an incredible big fanbase in Brazil, and we are finding ways to make Bomb You to be unique on. It is more tactical, playful and accessible, and it brings endless entertainment to the players." says the Bomb You team. "Players can control more than one hero in the battle, it needs strategy skills for success and it has a diversified system to train your character. It has more possibilities than ever."

To welcome the players, Bomb You will launch several events worth more than 10,000 brl in in-game rewards for the official launch. Some influences are participating too, Sidao do Game, Adeh, Ei Nerd and more are joining Bomb You as ambassadors. They will participate in events, battle with other players and do Live streaming sessions on their Facebook and Youtube channels. Having a fellow gamer try the game, give their impressions and tricks to become more powerful will for sure be a great entertainment.

Bomb You brings to you the most tactical slingshot game ever! A collection of heroes with each possessing unique strengths and skills! Besides that, you'll have the time of your life as there are plenty of game modes to choose from. Its high-quality graphics with an advanced game engine will be sure to bring you the ultimate slingshot gaming experience! Form your ultimate team to overcome any challenges ahead now!

Game Features

1. Build your unique team of heroes with four basic functions in combat: Archer, assassin, warrior, mage.

2. Multi heroes 3v3: Control 3 heroes with different skills in one battle.

3. Competitive Multiplayer PVP Arena: Prove your strength and climb the ranks.

4. Collect War Souls to make your supper combo.

5. Multi-line training: different ways to enhance your heroes.

6. Build your unbreakable Fortress and conquer others.

7. Battle Live Stream: Share your wonderful moment with players around the world

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