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Brand New Items in Dragon Awaken 1.80
Release time: 2018-09-15

Dragon Awaken has been updated to version 1.80 in September. In this version, players will find that they have more options and possibilities to upgrade their properties and abilities. In the new version, players will have the chance to win the new title of Dragon Master!

Latest Features

Wings Awaken

Wings is one of the typical symbols of Dragon masters, and they should never be overlooked when players try to increase their BR. In version 1.80, Wings Awaken System as a new training system can greatly develop players’ wings by using Awaken Balls. Players will be able to Awaken their Wings once the Balls reach a certain level. What’s more, a new Wings Dungeon also opens to obtain Wings Essence and Soul Spinel, which is the way players will be able to upgrade your Wings with ease!

Genesis Champion

Ultimate level has been launched in the game for months. And it provides the players with many ways to develop and increase their abilities. Now players who have reached ultimate level have another new system to do that, Genesis Champion, which may be more powerful than other systems. Players need to gather crown segments to upgrade and activate them by using iron stone. To cost corresponding segments can upgrade the crown to reach certain level and improve the stage of the crown, which can unlock the royal power.

The crown segments and iron stone can be collected in Relics of Temple, in which players are required to find out 4 Handbooks of Ritual Power for exposing the final boss. But remember that there are monsters and cage traps in the crypt!

Clan Level

In Dragon Awaken, players can always fight with some players for victory! Clan is a place for such players. In the Clan, quests are used to accumulate clan fund and the clan leader can spend the fund to upgrade his clan, such as constructing some buildings and learning other new technologies. Clan will lose certain amount of fund daily, and insufficient funds will downgrade or dismiss the clan.

Blood System

It is divided into Divine Dragon Blood and Hero Blood. Dragon Blood consumes Divine Dragon Crystal to train 4 series of attributes. Hero Blood consumes Soul Stone to train 7 series of attributes which allow to evolve as well. Each hero is training dividedly and Amber can reborn them. Dragon Crystal and Soul Stone are outputted from Inferno in Multi-Dungeon Inferno.

The Adventure in Dragon Awaken never ends. New challenges are waiting for brave players.

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