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Game Hollywood awarded with the 2018 Zhuoer Award for Top 10 Most Popular PC Games on Windows.
Release time: 2018-08-04

On August 4, 2018, Game Hollywood was awarded with the 2018 Zhuoer Award for Top 10 Most Popular Windows Games in China for "Dragon Awaken" in the 2018 Globe Windows Game Conference held by Miracle Games.

The Zhuoer Award only includes PC games that run on Windows 10. The award represents a great recognition from both players and the gaming industry towards Game Hollywood.

Gathering experts from global mobile game companies and game-related industries, the Globe Windows Game Conference (GWGC) is the China's most important Windows games event. Game developers, carriers, publishers and media from the global game industry, including Game Hollywood, 17173 Media Group, Gekko Game, Jun Hai Games, Ali Games, Heroes Entertainment, App Annie, Lushan Capital, Perfect World and Microsoft China all gathered at the event. This year, the focus was on how to export local mobile games to the world market.

The summit began with Mr. Ouyang Kai, CEO of Miracle Games, followed by representatives from mobile game industries. Then Mr. Dai Bin, head of App Annie Greater China, shared data of the global mobile market in 2018; Mr. Wang Runshi, Vice President of Miracle Games, shared and interpreted the Windows 10 Global Game Industry White Paper and Mr. Torsten Bongartz, Head of Data Center at BoaCompra, gave a detailed account of current Latin American conditions, especially local payments.

At a round table, Ms. He Minyi from Game Hollywood, Mr. Zhang Xiaolei from DeNA Asia, Mr. Du Xinyi from Heroes Entertainment, Mr. Yu Wei from Lushan Capital, and Mr. Dai Bin from App Annie made a detailed discussion on issuing domestic games overseas. Ms. He Minyi made a deep analysis of the 13 overseas games released by Game Hollywood in Latin America, and proposed that the most important thing for issuing domestic games in other nations and areas is localization. When doing localization, we need to study the game and combine the local market with the KOL effect.

At the awards ceremony, the ten most popular PC games on Windows and the ten most influential media were selected.

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