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Start the New Adventure in Dragon Awaken Version 1.90
Release time: 2018-11-19

Dragon Awaken will start to be updated to version 1.90 on November 20, 2018. This update adds several new updates and features to Dragon Awaken, to provide players with a more exciting game experience. Let’s take a look at the new items in this version!

Latest Features

Pet Trip

Did you try travelling with your pets in real life? It’s undoubtedly an unforgettable experience. Now Dragon Awaken lets your pets go travelling on their own and bring back rewards. Pet Trip can be found in Land interface. And Players can send their activated pets to travel there, staying online on AFK to receive rewards. Players will receive Gold and sometimes even Chests. Each pet can travel for 2 hours, and each player can let 3 pets go travel.

Feed Pet

The Pet System in Dragon Awaken has been continuously improved since its launch. Apart from Pet Trip, there’s another new update being added to the Pet System, the Feeding feature. In the Feeding feature, players can feed their pets to upgrade and improve their BR.

EXP Fairy

The EXP Fairy will give extra rewards when reaching certain levels. Players who reach Lv. 40, Lv. 50, Lv. 60 and Lv. 70 can use it to receive EXP.


Gacha is now a worldwide feature. Now players have their own Dragon Gacha in Dragon Awaken! This new event Icon will be shown when players reach Lv. 20. Players will only get one kind of item in each Gacha. There are totally 5 kinds of Gacha: Wings Gacha, Mount Gacha, Hero Gacha, Relic Gacha, and Fashion Gacha.

Enchanted Garden

Your Land now has an Enchanted Garden. Players can roll a dice there to receive extra rewards. The dice can be rolled after every reset of the feature. Players will receive Gold on normal squares, and there will be other effects on special squares. What’s more, players can also visit their Friends' Garden to join some interactive events.

Deity System

The Ultimate Level interface now has a Deity system. Players need to upgrade their Dragon to certain level to unlock the corresponding Deity. By training their Deity, players can improve their Stats. And they can activate the special Deity Power when the Deity reaches certain level and improve its Stats. Besides, each Deity has its own legend.

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