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Game Hollywood was invited to participate in Devcom Digital Conference 2020
Release time: 2020-08-31

Under the covid situation worldwide, Gamescom held Devcom Digital Conference 2020 to discuss the situation of game industry under the epidemic and invited Game Hollywood to participate.

The theme was “What publishers want? Ask them directly!”. Becky Ai, commercial director of Game Hollywood shared her experience in game publishing with famous game publishers from different regions of the world, including Marc Melton, manager of Marvelous Games, Matthieu Brossard, distribution director of What(games), Christopher Wulf, distribution director of Awesome Guys and Oscar Sahun, project manager of GameBCN and host of the talk.



What do Chinese developers need to prepare if they want to publish overseas? What do overseas publishers have to pay attention to when choosing games? Christopher Wulf, distribution director of Those Awesome Guys, shared his opinions as a German publisher. He said there are many factors involved in the publishing of a game, like game mode, R&D experience, market, time and budget. And also playability, art design and extension play an important role in game publishing.

Overseas development means opportunities and challenges. Becky Ai, commercial director of Game Hollywood shared her game publishing experience in China, Southeast Asia, Brazil, and Vietnam. She mentioned that local governments have strict requirements for the distribution of games, like local company qualifications and local payment channels. Local publishers’ understanding of the local market and their resources mean they have an advantage in the competition. As for web games, Becky mentioned that game publishers will pay more attention to the game’s engine due to the elimination of flash.



Marketing promotion has always been the core weapon of game publishing. The representative of What(games) shared the publishing skills of F2P games. For publishers, on the one hand they need to be familiar with the market, marketing activities, QA, etc. On the other hand, publishers need to establish a good cooperative relationship with the game store and understand their expectations and preferences for games. For independent game developers who want to publish on their own, they can hire talent and outsourcing companies. He suggested that independent game developers who focus on research and development should cooperate with professional publishers because they have a deep understanding and experience in marketing promotion.

How should the game industry develop under the new epidemic? As a world-famous group company integrating game development and publishing, Marvelous Game acquires and invests in other game companies and publish different games based on the US and Asian markets. They joined Devcom Digital Conference 2020 to help fins solutions to the game industry situation during the epidemic.

As one of the earliest game companies in China to develop worldwide, Game Hollywood has a deep understanding of the worldwide game industry. Becky explained how the epidemic has a great impact on game industry and will not end in the short term.

    The most direct impact is the cancellation of game conferences. The Game Developer Conference in San Francisco, USA was cancelled in March. Even though ChinaJoy was successfully held in July, it’s more difficult for China game companies to develop overseas because foreign companies couldn’t participate in ChinaJoy this year. As a global game company, it is an honor for Game Hollywood to be invited by Gamescom and GameBCN to become a speaker of Devcom Digital Conference 2020. Game Hollywood hopes to share more experience and resources with the gaming community in the near future.

    In this special period, game companies around the world should support each other and cooperate to get through these difficult times together.


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