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Partnership between Game Hollywood and GameBCN. New future built in the gaming industry
Release time: 2021-05-07

Now to play Game Europe, a Game Hollywood subsidiary, has recently reached a partnership with GameBCN, which is an independent game incubator based in Barcelona, Spain and a cooperator with MARVELOUS, SOCIALPOINT, and GAMELOFT. This act will maximize the advantages of both sides and assemble resources, offering support to game developers globally.

With gaming industry as its target, GameBCN has been supported by Institut de cultura de Barcelona (ICUB) and Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals (ICEC). Offering support and advise to teams developing games with market potential and to eventually enhance the overall strength of the local gaming industry, GameBCN has been committed to a more professionalized pattern of the small startups’ growth to meet the globalization needs. By now, cooperating with over 30 game studios, GameBCN teams have reached over 50% in publishing agreement and more than €2.5 million in fundraising. The facts shows that GameBCN is not only greatly helpful to game publishing but also has an acute, distinctive judgment to the games’ market performance.

Probing deep into the partnership implies that Game Hollywood and GameBCN will embark on a new journey in the field of gaming. As a business partner and a publisher, Game Hollywood will become the bridge between GameBCN and the game developers, offering those outstanding developer teams more professional business ideas, a platform where their work could be more widely and fully shown, and assistance in games’ multi-platform running. With a unified effort, we expect a new landscape of the gaming industry in the near future.

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